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When it comes to your wealth and property, it is better to plan early to avoid anxiety-provoking situations later. Also, Lack of planning could end with a PROBATE matter. 


We, at the Law Offices of Debra J. Burdette, A Professional Law Corporation absolutely understand the sensitivity of the situation after a loved one passes away. It’s a critical time to settle the estate and other legal obligations. Whereas, having a compassionate, experienced attorney by your side can streamline this process, allowing you to peacefully attend your loss.


The Law Offices of Debra J. Burdette, A Professional Law Corporation can work with you to throughout the probate process hassle-free, and you can reap its benefits including:


            •  Gathering the decedent’s assets.

            •  Elimination of creditors’ claims against the property of the deceased person, that is, the                          decedent. 

            •  Guarantee that the property will pass to the right heirs - the beneficiaries; while avoiding the                    potentially significant and costly errors. 


What is Probate? 


In Latin, Probate means “to prove.”


Probate is the procedure in which the Court gives validity to a person’s Will. When a Will remains after a person’s death, the nominated Executor should take the essential documents - Death Certificate, Will, and the standard packet of Probate forms to the Surrogate’s Court in the County where either -


i) The Decedent died, or 

ii) The Decedent left the property. 


The documents will be reviewed at the court, provided all is in order. 


How We Can Help You?


At the Law Offices of Debra J. Burdette, A Professional Law Corporation we have experience in estate planning, trust and probate law. We are passionate about providing our clients with the best possible solutions and stand by them from the start to the end of the process. 


Don’t worry! You do not have to face probate alone. Get in touch with us today, and let us help you handle your situation in a seamless way! 

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